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Intraoral Positioning Guide

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Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use the paralleling technique using a Rinnstyle positioning device set. These holder sets do the work for you and guarantee a good image every time.
  2. Make sure the exposure settings are correct on the X-ray source (60–65 KVP suggested). You will need to adjust exposure times (pulses), depending on the X-ray source and the physical size of the patient. Remember that maxillary molar images need the most exposure time and mandibular anterior images need the least amount of time.
  3. Place the sensor parallel to the teeth, but not necessarily up against the teeth.
  4. Maxillary shots—place the sensor at the midline of the palate.
  5. Mandibular shots—place the sensor more towards the tongue if necessary.
  6. Use a long cone (16") technique for clearer images.
  7. Make sure the bite block is fully in the patient’s mouth on molar shots.
  8. If patient has trouble closing have them stabilize the arm of the holder with their finger.
  9. Make sure the cone of the X-ray source is parallel to the arm of the holder and directed at the center of the aiming ring.
  10. Use a cotton roll as a cushion between the sensor and torii.
  11. For especially sensitive patients, there are foam cushions specifically made for use with sensors. Many of these work very well with sensitive patients and make placement much more comfortable
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